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Women Love Driving the 2022 Corvette Stingray Coupe

Jill Weinlein

The Corvette has been known for years as a man’s car. Some say they buy the car to attract women, but that is changing now as women are earning more and buying the uniquely designed sports car. Not only is the supercar a fun driving experience, it definitely attracts a man’s attention while she is in the driver’s seat.

Women enjoy a comfortable car that offers exciting features, and this car offers many. The key fob has a starter button. Just two taps and the back lights welcome the driver with a couple blinks of color and then roars in excitement. Sitting inside the sexy Adrenaline Red leather 8-way power GT bucket seats, one buckles into a Torch Red seat belt, and feels a snug hug of comfort and protection. 

Convenient features include the push door handle hidden behind the side stingray gill. While inside the car there are two options to open the door to exit. One is on the floor and the other is a silver button under the side window. Just push in to unlatch and open without pulling a handle.

Jill Weinlein

Putting your hands on the black leather-wrapped square with rounded corners steering wheel, there is a pop of red color in the center to add excitement. It’s reminiscent of the Ferrari LaFerrari steering wheel, offering enhanced visibility and a comfortable hold. Adjust the steering wheel control for an optimal driving position.

Behind the red leather seats is a glass viewing window to see the well-engineered 6.2L V8 DI mid-engine. The engine is also visible through the rear hatch window in the Coupe. With the touch on the accelerator pad, the purr of the engine roars to life. The energy ignites the energy inside one’s body, making this car extra fun to drive. You can’t help but smile as you step on the pedal and go. 

In the center is a circular transmission shift control knob with a red leather cover. With a turn the drive can change from touring to sport, track to weather. The V8 engine delivers lightning-quick acceleration and a top speed of up to 194 mph.

In between the seats is a cell phone holder with wireless charging. One drawback from a women’s point of view is there is no space for a purse or handbag. If there is a passenger in the car, one could place a small bag behind the seat, however it will fall to the ground. Corvette designers should place a hook for a purse, build a shelf behind the seat for quick access or have netting to hold a bag above the floor.

Jill Weinlein

Women appreciate safety features such as the high-definition front and rear vision cameras. Not only do these cameras help for reverse and parallel parking safely, they also provide alerts to rear cross traffic and side blind zone.

There is also a 12” diagonal driver customizable push button center to touch to heat the seats and turn on dual automatic climate control system and window defrost. The center also has a dual cup holder, small storage area and smart phone charger. The only thing that can be improved is a better spot to place a purse or briefcase inside the car. The small space behind the seats needs a shelf to hold a small purse or bag.

Besides bluetooth audio streaming, the 8′ diagonal high definition color touchscreen offers voice recognition, and in-vehicle apps with personalizing capabilities. There is Android Auto connection and Applle CarPlay, plus Bose Series speakers that deliver concert-like sound through the audio system.

Jill Weinlein

To improve downforce, the windshield is positioned over the front wheels for more power and domination. The Heads-Up display controls project the car’s speed onto the windshield, as well as the gear, and the area’s maximum speed limit onto the windshield. This is helpful, so the driver never has to look away from the road ahead, especially in the evening while driving.

Jill Weinlein

Those looking for a convertible driving experience, one can remove the roof panel easily and place it in the frunk (front trunk) for storing.

Since the car is low to the ground, there is a lift system option that will lift the front of the vehicle when entering a driveway, driving over speed bumps and deep dips in the road. The systerm has a two-position lift actuator that hydraulically raises the front approximately 2-inches. This increased clearance happens in 3 seconds and can be operated while traveling at speeds up to 24 MPH. It automatically lowers the car when the vehicle speed is over 24 MPH or turns off.

Jill Weinlein

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette combined city and highway is 19 MPG. It comes in three new colors: Amplify Orange, Caffeine, and Hypersonic Gray metallic. The standard vehicle price is $68,200.

The Corvette offers a great value compared to other luxury sportscars such as the entry-level 2022 Ferarri at $226,000 or the least expensive 2022 Lamborghini at $327,838. 

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