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Wedding Fragrance Duos : wedding fragrances


Kayali newly announced its two new alluring wedding fragrances, The Wedding Silk Santal and The Wedding Velvet Santal, which stand out as individuals and shine beautifully as a couple. While The Wedding Silk Santal has notes of sparkling champagne, nectarine, pink praline and white freesia, The Wedding Velvet captivates with white musk, sandalwood and a creamy, woody base.

The power of scent is deeply intertwined with emotions and memories, and it evokes strong feelings and triggers vivid recollections. This connection has led many couples to be intentional about selecting a wedding fragrance, understanding that it has the ability to create lasting memories associated with their special day. By choosing a specific scent, couples have the potential to enhance the atmosphere, forge a unique sensory experience and ensure that the scents of their choosing become a cherished symbol of their love and celebration.


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