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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Vitamin-Infused Kids Juice Boxes : Uncle Matt’s

Leading organic juice brand Uncle Matt’s Organic has announced the launch of its newest products for kids: ‘No Sugar Added Lemonade Juice Box’ and ‘No Sugar Added Strawberry Lemonade Juice Box.’

As the name suggests, the new line of juice boxes contains zero added sugars. Instead, the juice is flavored with stevia and natural fruit. In addition, the beverages have been infused with additional vitamins to help boost kids’ immune systems. As a result, a single juice box delivers 150% DV Vitamin C and 25% DV Vitamin D and Zinc and contains just ten calories per serving.

“These juice box offerings taste delicious and contain 0% added sugar plus have the added benefit and functionality of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc for immune support. The Tetra Pak shelf-stable format is incredibly convenient for lunchboxes and travel as well,” said Susan McLean, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Uncle Matt’s Organic.

Image Credit: Uncle Matt’s Organic

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