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Skin Condition-Friendly Beauty : solutions for eczema

There are different solutions for eczema and various other skin conditions on the market. Soteri Skin is a science-based skincare company that has dedicated time and effort into optimizing such formulations. The brand’s products are informed by leading dermatologists and a Harvard Chemistry Ph.D.

Soteri Skin’s BALANCING ACT: Lightweight Moisturizer and the GIMME MORE: Cream Moisturizer can be applied to the face and body. Both of these formulations include the skincare brand’s “patented pH/LOCK™ technology locks in the optimal skin surface pH for 12+ hours per application, which is shown to help break the cycle of skin sensitivity, whether users have eczema, psoriasis, or just a bad sunburn.” Soteri Skin maintains that pH is often overlooked in beauty products—yet, taking it into consideration is really important when addressing sensitive skincare conditions

Image Credit: Soteri Skin

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