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Pro-Dairy Campaigns : dont cancel the cow


‘Arla,’ the United Kingdom-based dairy cooperative with well over 10,000 farmers, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Don’t Cancel the Cow.’ The collective launched this campaign in an effort to save dairy drinking as its numbers dwindle, particularly in the younger generation. Arla found that Generation Z is far less likely to order dairy products than older generations for reasons tied to social media, influencers, and collective culture. According to Arla, even Generation Z customers who want to order dairy feel pressured not to because of the societal norms of their generation.

With the Don’t Cancel the Cow campaign, Arla is attempting to convince the younger generation of the health benefits and the natural benefits gained by drinking real dairy products. However, it should be noted that Arla does not entirely rely on dairy products, as the cooperative also offers and operates numerous dairy-free milk production facilities.

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