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Floral Liqueur RTD Cocktails : Cardinal Spirits

Indiana-based craft distillery Cardinal Spirits has announced the launch of its Flortia Tequila Soda, an all-new ready-to-drink cocktail that promises to be the perfect sipper this summer season.

The new beverage features a blend of premium tequila and Cardinal Spirit’s signature Flora liqueur — citrusy alcohol that is described as being reminiscent of fruit nectar. In addition, the drink is further infused with ingredients such as hibiscus, raspberries, elderflower, and jasmine, adding to its floral and fruit-based flavor profile.

Florita Tequila Soda will be sold in four-packs and each individual can will contain an 8.5% ABV. For those interested, the canned cocktails will be sold in states including California, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.

Image Credit: Cardinal Spirits

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