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DIY Strawberry Coffees : strawberry coffee

Content creators on TikTok are spreading a new strawberry coffee trend whereby they blend their own fruits and berries to enhance regular coffees. With a focus on iced coffee, these consumers are blending strawberries and either using the unrefined juice, or mixing the juice with sugars and syrups, to add a restaurant-level flavor with the health benefits of all-natural strawberries.

The ‘Strawberry Coffee’ tag on TikTok has accumulated more than 18 million views since the inception of the trend, solidifying it as a popular daily food practice among groups of consumers on the platform. This trend builds further on the ‘Korean Strawberry Milk’ trend on the platform, which became popular for its versatility, low-effort recipe, and health benefits. Some of the larger content creators with videos on DIY strawberry coffee have accumulated over 3 million views on single TikToks.

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