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Blended Lemon Coffee Trends : lemon coffee


‘Lemon coffee’ is a recent trend growing in popularity across the TikTok social media platform for various reasons. Firstly, the drink is easy to create, requiring only a blender, juicer, or food processor, in addition to a regular coffee. Whether brewing a hot coffee or a cold-brew, users on TikTok have turned to adding a blended lemon to the morning beverage.

The two primary reasons for adding a blended lemon to the coffee stem from flavor and health benefits. Adding a blended fruit to coffee enables people to craft their own flavors while receiving the health benefits of fruit consumption. As for the lemon coffee specifically, weight loss influencers and health-focused TikTokers are touting lemon coffee as a means to lose weight, citing the health benefits of lemons combined with the health benefits of coffee.

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