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AI-Enabled Dash Cams : MIOIFIVE

MIOFIVE launched its AI-enabled 5G Wi-Fi 4K UHD dash came, which includes a built-in 64GB eMMC storage capacity. While the device is small in size, it boasts immense power, including a 2.2 inch IPS display and a Sony 4K IMX sensor for optimum video capture.

MIOFIVE’s device offers included storage to eliminate the need for additional storage subscriptions for a user-friendly design. The easy-to-use dash cam works once it is plugged in, seeing as it requires no additional storage. Its 5G Wi-Fi function makes viewing and using the app seamless and effective. The brand aims to helo consumers stay safe on the road without worrying about additional device setup. Consumers can purchase MIOFIVE’s AI-enabled dash cam via Amazon or through the brand’s e-commerce site.

Image Credit: MIOFIVE

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