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Vibrant Nail Polish Campaigns : Gab Bois

GELCARE has teamed up with famed photographer Gab Bois for its new Spring/Summer 2022 campaign.

GELCARE was a brand born in 2019 out of a hit Montreal nail parlor called Le Manoir. The fan-favorite brand recently unveiled its new Spring/Summer 2022 campaign, for which it tapped the creative genius of Gab Bois. The new campaign features 10 images that highlight all 10 nail polish colors from the new collection. Each photo follows Gab Bois’ signature style of transforming everyday objects into thought-provoking images and moments. For instance, there’s a bright red polish that has been transformed into sashimi, a candy apple green next to a purse made from wasabi peas, and a pretty pink hue topped with a Polly Pocket toy.

Image Credit: GELCARE

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