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Software Security Startups : grip security

Grip Security is a Tel Aviv-based startup in the cybersecurity industry that focuses its services around software as a service (SaaS) applications. The Grip Security platform aims to provide 100% visibility, or as much visibility as possible, to public and private SaaS applications. This platform allows developers to monitor users, user interactions, and hosts, in order to determine the security of each user.

The security monitoring is achieved by the Grip Security platform, as it provides visibility to all movements of data across an SaaS application. This results in Grip Security not only reducing the number of false positives that arise across a security system, but also removing unnecessary roadblocks and streamlining the flow of data.

Grip Security states that its platform is usable on all enterprise SaaS applications, whether Grip Security is used as an independent platform or in tandem with another.

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