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Efficiently Designed Item Trackers : Pebblebee trackers

Many item trackers on the market use disposable batteries, but the latest Pebblebee trackers are designed with a rechargeable battery to make regular maintenance far easier. The trackers come in the form of the Pebblebee Clip and the Pebblebee Card, which are both affordably priced and perfect for an array of different implementations. The Clip is perfect for being attached onto an array of items, while the Card can be easily slipped into a wallet or even a garment pocket and is capable of being recharged every 12-months as required.

The latest Pebblebee trackers are priced at $29.99 each with the Clips available in a four-pack for $99.99. The trackers maintain a compact design that’s perfect for incorporation into a users everyday carry (EDC).

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