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Brazilian Jungle-Inspired Fragrances : AROMA

While Costa Brazil is best known for its candles and face oils, the brand recently debuted its first-ever fragrance, which is called ‘AROMA.’

AROMA is a unique scent that is inspired by the smells of the Amazon rainforest at daw. The scent evokes the smell of the Brazilian jungle through the use of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber accords. The fragrance ultimately boasts a smoky scent that will call to mind images of fresh earth, flowers, and crushed leaves. The idea is to cultivate a soothing and calming olfactory experience with every spray.

And it’s not just the scent that pays homage to the earth. The AROMA Eau de Parfum is also packed in a refillable wood bottle that’s made using sustainably sourced ingredients and a vegan/cruelty-free formula.

Image Credit: Costa Brazil

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