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Anniversary-Commemorating Shoes : afew goods

AFEW Goods has released a limited-edition take on the ‘Yamasura’ sneaker to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. The ‘KOI’ sneaker features a color palette of vibrant reds, greens, and dark blues. Taking inspiration from the 90s, AFEW GOODS uses sustainable materials like vegan suede and nubuck mesh for an eco-friendly fashion choice. Red hues on the toe box and vamp complement the grey suede, and ‘Yamasura’ branding sits on the heel of the lateral side.

The ‘KOI’ sneaker will not be up for sale, but sneakerheads will be able to see it at AFEW GOODS’ ‘KOI’ exhibition for the brand’s anniversary on May 21. The brand’s work in sustainable production adds them to the list of companies that have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Image Credit: AFEW GOODS

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